Influxdb host filtering

Is it possible to filter or limit the servers being scraped by InfluxDB? With the basic setup influx can access all servers added to LibreNMS, but I’d like to limit it to only a few ones. Is it possible? I can open a feature request on github if necessary.

Additionally, can LibreNMS use two Influx hosts at the same time? Just adding another block in the config file?


InfluxDB is just a data store.

There are no permissions there, you would need to implement that in what ever you are using to access the data within InfluxDB.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear enough. This is when using InfluxDB host remotely configured, I don’t want to give them more rights than I have to.

Not sure it’s any clearer. Do you want to:

a) Stop sending data to InfluxDB for certain hosts?

b) Stop people accessing certain data within InfluxDB?

If a) then no you can’t. If b) then that’s an influxdb question not LibreNMS

If a) you could also use InfluxData’s Telegraf or Elastic’s Logstash in between LibreNMS and InfluxDB to filter the data. This would also be a good way to duplicate the data to a second InfluxDB host without creating extra work for the LibreNMS poller.

Thanks, that’s what I was looking for.

If a) then no you can’t. If b) then that’s an influxdb question not LibreNMS

The A) part was my questions. Thanks for the answer.

Also, does LibreNMS allow two InfluxDB hosts at the same time, or do I need to duplicate the data with Logstash as the other poster said?


The library we use only supports one host so you’d need to look at a way to load balancer the connection yourself.