Install guide for Oxidized

Can anyone point me to a good install guide for Oxidized?
I am trying to get it to work and want to make sure I am not missing anything.
We have mix environment between MicroTik, Ubiquiti, and Cisco and looking to use LibreNMS and Oxidized pull configs.


I would start running through the official docs first in this order;
(remember to create a user in librenms for oxidized where you will get the X-Auth-Token in the libre GUI)

Then check advanced configuration here for device type mapping etc:

Then if you get stuck check this complete guide which seems pretty good #4 or post on here


Very good step-by-step

Thanks everyone between all the guides I got to recognize the config and run and show inside LibreNMS.Now on to my next steps on getting specific port for connections per type of device.

how to integrate Oxidized into LibreNMS

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