Intel server board not being detected correctly

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Hi All,

I’ve got an old Acer Altos R380 running an Intel S2600WTTR motherboard that I need to monitor. I’ve installed the SNMP subsystem from the Intel website, but Librenms is just detecting it as generic Windows NT server.

I’ve tried creating a new “OS” yaml file, and copied the “basebrd7_v5.mib” into /opt/librenms/mibs/intel

Still just gets detected as a generic NT server so I don’t get info like temp graphs, fan speed, Disk health etc.

intel.yaml example:


os: intel

type: server

text: ‘Acer Altos Server’

ifname: true

processor_stacked: true

bad_hrSystemUptime: true

mib_dir: intel


  • { graph: device_processor, text: ‘Processor Usage’ }

  • { graph: device_mempool, text: ‘Memory Usage’ }

  • { graph: device_storage, text: ‘Storage Usage’ }


  • sysObjectID: .


It is working as intended, the OS is Windows.
If you need more sensors, you can read about adding support for them here