Interested in your product LibreNMS

Hello ,
I came across your website looking for a monitoring software and I watched a few videos of LibreNMS and I think it’s amazing. Though I want to verify that the software does what I need.

I am looking for a software to monitor all the details of computers in my lab.

Details that are important to me:
Computer - computer name , Cores , Hyper threading(YES/NO) , Total RAM , Disk Usage , Disk Free Space.
Network - Switch name , Adapter (nick)Name , Port Number , MAC address , IP address , Gateway , VLAN , Link Speed.

I have a lab with about 60 computers and these details tend to change frequently in the lab. I want the software to alert me on a daily report or so when something was changed. Since it can cause trouble if something changed and It will take me a long time to figure out what.
I need a software that can tell me instantly if my lab is not functioning because one of these details above was changed. The ones that are in Bold font are very important to me and I know that not every monitoring software provides details about them. So I am very interested to know if your software does provide them.

Can your software help me do the daily check that I need?

Thank you,

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We don’t provide any daily reporting but you may be able to just use the alerting to do what you want.

the computers that you will be monitoring, do they support SNMP also what OS are they running?

Also, that info can be provided depending on if the network device you are using is supported if not we can look into adding support for it. What brand of network switch are you using?


Thanks for the quick reply.

The computers that will be monitored have Win 7 pro on most them. About 3-4 computers have XP or Linux. So I believe Microsoft SNMP service is installed and maybe needs to be configured for each computer.

I am using Cisco switches (the model varies from time to time).

Should all work then. As long you have SNMP setup on the switches and computers. :slight_smile: