Interface parsing

I have some wuestion, how to add mulitple parsing in 1 interface,
1 interface is used by 2 customer for different service, 1 is transit customer and 1 is basic customer

How to parse that interface description?

It’s not possible to parse the same field twice from a port, so the physical port is either dedicated to something or not. Depending on the device you might be able to parse it from sub-interfaces but without knowing anything of your config can’t say much more.

Thank you Elias,
may be it can be an upgrade for future version?

In my opinion it makes no sense to add that. If you dedicate a port for a specific purpose then you don’t need 2 things to be parsed from it. Since you mention that these are customer ports, you could just label it as customer. Transit label is when you are doing transit for another as and then usually they are routed interfaces making double usage a bit harder. If you are just talking about layer 2 ports and you have 2 vlans on it, you can’t see the traffic separetely on them often anyways.

Yes it is for 2 vlans…
thanks in advance