Intergration with OKTA


My librenms is working and able to poll and trigger alerts. I could integrate it with slack and opsgeine.

Now I am trying to integrate it with OKTA as per company security policy. I have given below details to the okta team and want to do it with saml2. OKTA team given me the xml and cert file which I have added into the auth.socialite.config.saml2.

ACS URL = https://librenms-fqdn/auth/saml2/callback
Entity ID = https://librenms-fqdn/auth/saml2

Now getting below error, can someone please provide me some light to it.

production.ERROR: {“exception”:"[object] (Laravel\Socialite\Two\InvalidStateException(code: 0): at /opt/librenms/vendor/socialiteproviders/saml2/Provider.php:438)"}

Use the okta provider instead of saml2

Thank you Jellyfrog.
You mean to follow below doc for the okta provider
Oauth/SAML support - LibreNMS Docs and Socialite Providers

what can be the callback url and Entity ID when using okta provider ?

getting below error when using okta provider. any advice here for the next steps?

document.addEventListener(‘DOMContentLoaded’, function() { Flasher.getInstance().render({“envelopes”:[{“notification”:{“type”:“error”,“message”:"‘sso.user_attr’ config setting was not found or was empty",“options”:[],“title”:null},“handler”:“template.librenms”,“created_at”:“2022-09-06 11:44:06”,“uuid”:“6464B49B-60BD-4F6B-8A59-88A1E5AEA4C8”,“priority”:0,“template”:"
‘sso.user_attr’ config setting was not found or was empty\n </div>\n </div>\n
</span>\n </div>\n</div>\n"}],“scripts”:[],“styles”:[],“options”:{“template.librenms”:{“timeout”:12000,“style”:{“top”:“55px”}}}}); })

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