Internet services latency monitoring

Hi guys , Im trying to build a latency dashboard for most comonly used internet services.
For example:
Akamai , Amazon and so on.
Problem is I can not get pingable ips from those services.
Is there any other way / approach to accomplish this ?
Hope to hear any new idea.

  • If you want to measure latency with ping, you need the service to reply … to ping !
  • If you want latency to a webpage, then you can use the http nagios plugin (in Services) which does it perfectly (can even configure login/password, SSL etc…) (
  • You have a bunch of other nagios plugins you can use for SMTP, IMAP, SSH and many more service checks.

Hi, as @PipoCanaja said in his second point, you can use the check_http nagios plugin. This is an example of the graph I get for my host:

You can use the plugin with a hostname, so you don’t have to use ip addresses.

Pipo , thanks for your response.
I think I did not express my self well.
I already know about monitoring methos.
Problem I have is those internet services are very dinamyc.
Sometimes one ip responds ping and suddenly it stops … and so.
So … there is perhaps some ips published by them for monitoring purpose.
This is what im looking for.