Invalid engineID from sonicwall

I am trying to monitor a few sonicwall firewalls with snmpv3. I have my access controls setup and I am able to poll the firewalls using v3, however I keep getting the following in my sonicwall logs (IPs obfuscated)

time=“2017-09-22 09:35:31” fw=X.X.X. X pri=4 c=0 m=1220 msg=“Invalid SNMP packet” n=86138 src=Y.Y.Y.Y:51924 dst=N.N.N.N:161 note=“Invalid engineID: 0” fw_action=“NA”

Is this a sonicwall issue or librenms polling issue? Sonicwall documentation I have found says engineID must match…but where do I put the engineID in LibreNMS?

check this -> Engine ID in Librenms?

also, it looks like you don’t have to turn on the engine id on the sonic wall?

I’ve read both of those prior to posting, and neither are helpful