"Inventory" Overview has no content?

A slightly odd one… I have two instances of LibreNMS (dev & live) and in both if I look at Overview → Inventory it displays table column headers and no other information. It used to work, and I can’t say when it stopped working.

All my devices’ inventory information is still contained in the entPhysical table in LibreNMS database, and individual devices’ inventory tabs still contain the necessary information.

Has anyone else experienced this?


please validate your install -
to validate your install run ./validate.php and then pastebin your results

Here’s the results for both systems: Dev system:aboyd@nms:/opt/librenms$ sudo /opt/librenms/validate.php======= - Pastebin.com

The dev system updates automatically nightly; the live one as and when I invoke it manually.


it could be a long shot but …try this increasing the php memory in php.ini

Thanks, I’ll try that. Looking at the PHP debug out from https://server/inventory/debug=yes/ there are certainly plenty of errors (the SQL Debug looks ok at first look):

Array ( [errno] => 8 [errstr] => Undefined index: custom_css [errfile] => /opt/librenms/html/index.php [errline] => 142 ) Array ( [errno] => 8 [errstr] => Undefined index: menu [errfile] => /opt/librenms/LibreNMS/Plugins.php [errline] => 82 ) Array ( [errno] => 8 [errstr] => Undefined index: string [errfile] => /opt/librenms/html/pages/inventory.inc.php [errline] => 33 ) Array ( [errno] => 8 [errstr] => Undefined index: part [errfile] => /opt/librenms/html/pages/inventory.inc.php [errline] => 42 )

Which continues in much the same vein down to

Array ( [errno] => 8 [errstr] => Undefined index: part [errfile] => /opt/librenms/html/pages/inventory.inc.php [errline] => 92 ) Array ( [errno] => 8 [errstr] => Undefined index: serial [errfile] => /opt/librenms/html/pages/inventory.inc.php [errline] => 93 ) 799 total PHP issues / errors.

Full output at https://pastebin.com/hxKu0MMZ

Check your javascript console for errors.

@alanbboyd I sometimes catch same problem, because overview->inventory is sensible to line breaks (aka ^M) inside columns it shows and some my devices containt them inside entPhysicalModelName column or serial.
So if Firefox Web developer->Web Console show you this error:

SyntaxError: "" string literal contains an unescaped line break

it is similar case. Then you can find problematic device by dumping entPhysical table into file and grep it for \r, like this:

grep $'\r' librenms-entPhysical-table.dump
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