iPhone App

I am currently working on an iPhone app for LibreNMS server. The latest version is currently available on the Apple AppStore

AppStore Link


Device view

  • View devices in LibreNMS
  • Expand device to get more details
  • Delete device from LibreNMS
  • Add new device using SNMP v1 / v2c
  • See if a device is in Maintenance mode
  • Put a device into Maintenance mode

Log view

  • View entries in the Event log
  • Expand event to get more details
  • View entries in the Authorization log
  • Expand authorization entry to get more details

Alert view

  • View current alerts
  • Expand alert to get more details
  • Acknowledge alert
  • View alert history
  • Expand alert history entry to get more details

Multi Server Support

  • Add up to two LibreNMS servers and easily switch between them

Hopefully you find it useful.