IPMI on ILO2 or ILO3

Hi all,

I have many servers running ILO4 but also some older ones running ILO2/3. ILO4 is no problem, I set the community string and add it to LibreNMS and I get all the SNMP information and set different alerts for defective harddisk, defective power supply etc.

For ILO2 and ILO3, there is no such thing as SNMP. We only have the option to ‘passthrough’. I have set an IP address to my ILO3 and tried to poll it using LibreNMS. Because ILO3 doesn’t have SNMP, the host shows it is down. When I to a IPMITOOL from the monitoring device to ILO3 I get:

[root@server03 librenms]# /usr/bin/ipmitool -I lanplus -c -H -U ‘user’ -P ‘password’ -L USER sdr
VRM 1,01h,ok,9.1,Device Present
VRM 2,02h,ok,9.2,Device Present
UID Light,03h,ok,23.1,
Int. Health LED,04h,ok,23.2,
Ext. Health LED,05h,ok,23.3,
Power Supply 1,65,Watts,ok,10.1,Presence detected
Power Supply 2,07h,ns,10.2,No Reading
Power Supplies,08h,ok,10.3,Non-Redundant: Sufficient from Redundant
Fan Block 1,18.03,percent,ok,7.1,Transition to Running
Fan Block 2,0Ah,ns,7.2,No Reading
Fan Block 3,18.03,percent,ok,7.3,Transition to Running
Fan Block 4,18.03,percent,ok,7.4,Transition to Running
Fans,0,percent,ok,7.5,Fully Redundant
Temp 1,22,degrees C,ok
Temp 2,40,degrees C,ok
Temp 3,ns
Temp 4,34,degrees C,ok
Temp 5,35,degrees C,ok
Temp 6,36,degrees C,ok
Temp 7,34,degrees C,ok
Temp 8,ns
Temp 9,30,degrees C,ok
Temp 10,ns
Temp 11,30,degrees C,ok
Temp 12,31,degrees C,ok
Temp 13,43,degrees C,ok
Temp 14,31,degrees C,ok
Temp 15,30,degrees C,ok
Temp 16,29,degrees C,ok
Temp 17,27,degrees C,ok
Temp 18,35,degrees C,ok
Temp 19,36,degrees C,ok
Temp 20,39,degrees C,ok
Temp 21,45,degrees C,ok
Temp 22,48,degrees C,ok
Temp 23,41,degrees C,ok
Temp 24,44,degrees C,ok
Temp 25,32,degrees C,ok
Temp 26,42,degrees C,ok
Temp 27,35,degrees C,ok
Temp 28,62,degrees C,ok
Power Meter,72,Watts,ok,7.6,Device Enabled
Memory,2Bh,ok,7.7,Correctable ECC, Presence Detected
Cntlr 1 Bay 1,FEh,ok,4.1,Drive Present
Cntlr 1 Bay 2,FDh,ok,4.2,Drive Present, Drive Fault, Predictive Failure
Cntlr 1 Bay 3,FCh,ok,4.3,Drive Present
Cntlr 1 Bay 4,FBh,ok,4.4,

So I can see the ILO is responding to the information I need. But because SNMP isn’t working I am unable to receive this data in LibreNMS. I also added the IP, user and password to the IPMI tab of course but that doesn’t help. I have red many topics about passing through the SNMP information to the host, but the host is already in LibreNMS as server which works fine.

Do I need to change the snmpd.conf on the server to include and poll this IPMI data from the ILO port ?

I am looking for it for several days but I cannot find any good solutions for this.