IPMI Support without SNMP / possible redfish

Hi there!

We used observium for some time and just recently moved to librenms. One of the reasons was, to add hosts without SNMP support. Now we have a bunch of devices without SNMP support, but can be accessed by IPMI and in the future redfish. Like lanner LOM. And we just discovered, that those devices won’t be discovered by IPMI, because there’s not SNMP…

Sucks a bit, if you can’t add part of your infrastructure.

I already found a thread about this problem, that librenms won’t discover IPMI, if SNMP is not found. In the same thread someone posted a small php hack in 4 sites, that made this possible. But it’s not a good solution.

So question is - could this change be added? Maybe with additional redfish support?
But most important would be the IPMI discovery without SNMP. Depending on the cost, we could also pay for it. But honestly, I don’t know whos responsible for that :slight_smile:

Thanks for any answers

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Hi @Jeyshara
LibreNMS is open source and community based so you could just change or add anything and submit a github request. LibreNMS is made by the users of LibreNMS :slight_smile: