IPv6 traffic graph with Custom OID

We are wanting to graph IPv4 and IPv6 separately on some interfaces. I did find this post from a few years ago, but unfortunately splitting off into another VLAN is not an option for us, and I have not found any more recent discussion on the topic.

I have the custom OID’s for the Cisco gear we are using:
ipIfStatsHCInOctets (.
ipIfStatsHCOutOctets (.

but when I add them as a COUNTER type in the Custom OID box its just a ever increasing graph. It is just taking the current returned value, and not factoring the difference from the last returned value. Is there some option or something I am missing or will Custom OID not work for a traffic graph like this?

You can use DERIVE and not COUNTER. Check RRDTOOL documentation to understand which type does what.

The only two options in the Custom OID dropdown are COUNTER or GAUGE. How can I specify DERIVE?

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