Is anyone out there using anycast-gateway?

I am running 4 Nexus 93108’s and running VXLAN and anycast-gateway for 4 vlans…

What is a good way to have these devices discovered? Right now, one of them is on the shared anycast gateways, 2 are were found using a HSRP IP, and one of them is using a L3 subnet.
I’d like all of them to maybe use the loopback address, or some other L3 that is on each of them.

Can you change the IP address they were discovered with to one of the many that these devices have? How do you do it, and will it stay with discovery running?

Hi @Mark_Jenks
You can just change the IP address in the “Edit” menu of the device :

  • If you used an IP to discover it initially, just edit it with the red pen button, and hit Save.
  • If you used a DNS to discover it, then you can use the AlternateIP field. (never did it myself, but I would expect it :slight_smile: )

Capture d’écran 2020-02-23 à 22.13.03

Thanks, I will look at it tomorrow. Seems easy enough.


That worked great. Thank you…

That will help devices that are discovered incorrectly.