Is it possbile to monitor and config OLT and onu by librenms? how can i do that?

I am new in using librenms, I want to monitor OLT and onu and also wants to configure by librenms, unlike other EMS (example, CData OLT EMS),
If possible please help to do it

Hi @Md_Abu_Siddik
You have to check if your devices are supported by LibreNMS. If yes, you’ll get monitoring.
Configuration, on the other end, is not at all supported by LibreNMS and will not be (as LibreNMS is a Monitoring Tool and not a Configuration Tool).

thank you for your response, Yes I can monitor my my OLT bandwidth port wise through snmp.
following tree need —
OLT>>PON PORT>> ONU ( at least is it possible to check onu status up or down)

thanks in advance

OK. Then, support for your device must be added. Either you can do it yourself (the best solution), or provide the information required here, publish an issue with all details here, and wait for somebody to do it for you (can take a long time…).

Hi, I’ve ont MA5608T OLT, I can monitor the device traffic but not the traffic of each PON port. Have you graphs or the PON traffic?