Is it possible for multiple users to be logged in at once?

I have a World Map setup for monitoring multiple locations. This is just for our network devices to see when they do down. I’ve been using the LibreNMS account for setting up monitoring, templates, and widgets. However, we have a few people that will be actually watching this map, so the VM will be accessed from a few desks. I created a new generic user, and found that I can’t log in as LibreNMS in one tab and the generic user in another. I wanted to do this for applying changes to the generic account and verifying the results. Instead, I have to log out and log in as the generic user to verify results. I also tested to see if more than one instance of the generic user can be logged in, which it can be. However, anything clicked on in one tab, will have the same result in every other logged in instance.

Is there a way to be able to have the LibreNMS account and another account logged in simultaneously? Also, can a generic user account be setup to run its own separate session so multiple instances of it can run without affecting other logins?

Hope that makes sense… I’m on limited coffee this morning :slight_smile:

Here is thought why not just make dashboard and then share it with those user accounts?

I have, and it works. What I found, is that I have more than two people using the generic account, and they can’t have separate sessions at once. I really hope this makes sense. It is not a deal breaker, but would be nice if there was an easy fix.

You would run into the issue of trying to use two accounts in one browser with most any website. I usually just use Firefox for one account and Chrome for the other at the same time.

Edit: I see your second response, not sure about that issue. I would just integrate ldap/ad and assign actual accounts and share the dashboards.

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The type of user won’t make a difference but it works fine for me. I can login as the same user across two browsers no issue.