Is it possible to add Service graphs to a dashboard?

If so please tell me, I couldn’t find how.

I was successful in adding a service graph (via the normal graph widget), but since it will only let you select the device and not which service, you will only be able to add the first service of the device to your dashboard.

Maybe a candidate for a github issue, if you want to open one?

You can link directly to service graphs, just need the full url to it which you can get from the copy image url when right clicking a graph.

OK, you mean by adding an external image widget and putting the link there don’t you? However, the link contains timestamps (from - to), and I need to remove that don’t I?

Just remove those and it defaults to the last 24 hours

Yes, that is a possibility but the image URL still needs fixed sizes in the URL which doesn’t really work with my dashboards that are looked at from different browsers with different resolutions. Only the “graph” widget supports variable sized graph images.