Is it possible to do ping monitor from a SNMP monitored device?

Logical connectivity.

LibreNMS---->L3 device(SNMP monitored)----->PE gateway 1
                           PE gateway 2

1, PE gateways are managed by 3rd party and they won’t allow SNMP monitoring.
2, librenms monitoring network is isolated and have no internet or other network access.
3, I’m not certain if L3 device support feature like IP SLA, for testing network quality.

Is it possible to do something like L3 device collecting ping status of PE gateways and sending results back thru SNMP back to libreNMS ?.

Perform ping monitor of PE gateways from L3 device and show link status on librenms ?.


You’re trying to leverage SNMP Proxy: SNMP Proxy - LibreNMS Docs

I’m not sure you can adjust to use ping though, interesting use case. Interested to see other suggestions on how this could work

This is not the feature i’m looking for. SNMP proxy require access and snmp configuration on both devices.

On full featured network devices with full SNMP support, we can configure something like IP SLA(cisco) or NQA(Comware/Aruba) sending icmp-echo to ISP equipment. And when the echo fail after configured threshold, generate & send SNMP trap back to NMS system.

The L3 device mentioned above in example do not have IP SLA like feature. Thus the question of possibility of invoking and reading ping results thru SNMP.


Not possible I’m afraid

Thanks, laf. I thought this was possible on devices supporting snmp write operation.

We don’t do any snmp write, purely reads. So really with lnms it’s not possible rather than more generally.

Just a thought, you can monitor the ports on L3 device where PE devices are connected. if port down you can set an alert

Unfortunately, on-premises PE device is a L2 switch and with actual PE gateway ip configured elsewhere. Hence the L3 device ports don’t go down unless cable disconnected.

other workaround is, configure IP sla feature on L3 device to ping PE gateways then librenms can poll for IP SLA results on L3 device.

im using on cisco


in this case, PE device will not show as separate device in libre, but shows graphs under SLA tab of L3 device

As i mentioned earlier, the L3 device in question is not a cisco device and do not have similar feature. But I have enabled “Service Level Agreement Tracking” poller module for all network devices.

On your example, are you getting SLA over poller module or used and SNMP traps to get alerts ?.

Maybe you should define a route on the L3 device in conjunction with ACL so that LibreNMS can reach the host on the other network with the ping, and then receive the response.

For security, it would also be important to have an ACL on the host to be monitored, so that it only responds to pings from LibreNMS.

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