Is Librenms affected by vulnerable to CVE-2021-25218- CVE-2021-44228

Is Librenms affected by vulnerable to CVE-2021-38647. Log4j Library Affecting ?

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Do you mean CVE-2021-44228?

yes and CVE-2021-25218

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Is it ? Nobody knows ? Would like to know also…

It probably is since it’s such a common library. Let’s give maintainers som space to asses the situation.
I’m pretty sure they will address the issue

Couldnt find any trace for log4j from my libre though.

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LibreNMS is written in PHP and Python i think it is save, but this must say @murrant

Are there any new information?

wrong Sub-category? (Oxidized)

An answer regarding log4j and librenms would be helpful.


Don’t link to those type of sites. Here is the link to the actual issue.