Is LibreNMS now "L breNMS"?

Seems that the “i” in the graphic, top left has changed and the “i” in LibreNMS is replaced by a transparent… I see the same when I look at - but not here… has a graphic been changed inadvertently somewhere?


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This seems to only occur on chrome, and only when rescaled. If you open the svg directly in chrome you will see the i normally.

Odd, maybe we can tweak the SVG to avoid that.

@Elias Good catch - but it is Chrome, Chromium & “Edgium” (or whatever we call it)

Appears to be fixed after latest update.

Mine still seems to be missing the “i” is there something that I need to do to correct it? It’s definitely not a big deal as it’s only cosmetics but since “ManOfLard” states his has been corrected an ours hasn’t leaves me with a bit of concern. I’ve ran ./validate.php & ./ and our logo is still rendering without the “i”. Let me know if I’m missing something or if there is something else which I need to do.

I may have been a bit hasty… was testing a new monitor… back to “old faithful” and the issue is back/still there.

I also see the issue on Chrome. If you right-click the image and open in new tab, then resize that tab you can see the “i” flicker in and out at different sizes. When viewed fullscreen it’s fine. It’s almost as if something is clipping it.

If it helps, played around a little, might be fixable by changing this line in the svg
transform="matrix(.41103 0 0 -.42925 -10.172 37.96)"

for example transform="scale(0.3)" fixes but it’s upside down :upside_down_face: :laughing:

p.s Remember not to modify the original image directly as will break future updates on that file.

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I worked out how to flip it with the scale approach, but the issue came back doh!



That was on Chrome 77 ( Chromium 77.0.3865.90 (64-bit))

However, looks like its fixed now.

Downloaded Chromium 79 (79.0.3923.0 (64-bit)) from here and it works fine with no changes needed from the SVG. So it looks like we just need to wait for Chrome to update its Chromium :partying_face:


You can replicate this issue by downloading Chromium 77