Is LibreNMS now "L breNMS"?

Seems that the “i” in the graphic, top left has changed and the “i” in LibreNMS is replaced by a transparent… I see the same when I look at - but not here… has a graphic been changed inadvertently somewhere?


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This seems to only occur on chrome, and only when rescaled. If you open the svg directly in chrome you will see the i normally.

Odd, maybe we can tweak the SVG to avoid that.

@Elias Good catch - but it is Chrome, Chromium & “Edgium” (or whatever we call it)

Appears to be fixed after latest update.

Mine still seems to be missing the “i” is there something that I need to do to correct it? It’s definitely not a big deal as it’s only cosmetics but since “ManOfLard” states his has been corrected an ours hasn’t leaves me with a bit of concern. I’ve ran ./validate.php & ./ and our logo is still rendering without the “i”. Let me know if I’m missing something or if there is something else which I need to do.