Is snmp_set implemented?


i need a “snmp_set” or equivalent
is this implemented in LNMS ?
tried to find, but … maybe i am missing something?

i need “snmp_set” because one sensor i want to use is acting as capacitor in electronics, so it is “pumped” with max value but it is not cleared,
After reading sensor, one need to write zero to specific OID and reset sensor

@murrant ?
any advice?

LibreNMS is generically read only by design. I could see some areas to bend this such as ifAlias.

Your situation could be remedied with a simple cron script to set 0 to the oid.

hi @murrant

after all, i implemented snmp_set in my local install
it was almost easy one :slight_smile: good starting point was snmp_get
so, it is working for me
but yes, LNMS is readonly, so … dont think it is worth of PR
my case is specific

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