Is that possiable to combine multiple nodes of librenms into one dashboard?

Hi there, I’m a developer who been asked to design a system workflow can cover huge amount of devices.

For some reason, there’re several isolated subnets many devices and one manage node within,
manage node could be visited only from higher node.
And the higher one want to see all the devices librenms hosted in one dashboard.

Is that librenms could do combine different librenms node into one layout?


But each of your manage nodes could output data into a centralised data layer such as influxdb etc and then build some dashboards with grafana.

Alternatively your ‘manage nodes’ could be remote-pollers and your higher node could be the web-ui / rrd store etc … but this will be limited to scale (you did not define ‘huge’)

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*huge: means different type of deivces and vendors, APs, or industry machine. totally 1500 up amounts as one “UNIT”.

Your post brings me another sight to think of this case, and get a surprisingly help : )

I use Icinga2 to bind things together.

LibreNMS – (pull) → Icinga2 (librenms-alerts) → InfluxDB – (pull) → Grafana

Also there is a optional loop through “Icingaweb2 Business Process Module” to model business services.
You could also use the “Icingaweb2 Director Module” import to create the hosts and checks that query LibreNMS from the DBs of your LibreNMSs.
I also feed other results of specialized monitoring tools into Icinga2 via API.

In essence I use LibreNMS for everything SNMP and do dashboards and notifications in Icinga2.

well, that’s the one I trying to avoid

I believe that will be a good experience to me, but to build another third party dashboard my boss may not be agree that ((laugh

But I did try that case, maybe it would become the final solution

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