Is there a way, to add a second "web" for a device?

I have a device with 2 different web pages on different ports, can I set a URL for a second button to open from the device menu to access the second page?

Just to make it clear what I’m talking about.

You could have a fiddle with the options mentioned here Customizing the Web UI - LibreNMS Docs

Thank you for the suggestion.

Apologies but I’ve hosed my install. Luckily it’s my “B” install and not too important.

I typed the following command to try and change the port, of my ProxMox Server, WebUI. (it runs on port 8006, not 80, not 443)

lnms config:set html.device.links.+ ‘{“url”: “{{ $device-> }}”, “title”: “Open-8006”}’

That’s the result (for all my systems)

If you could advise how I can clear my obviously erroneous change, I can fiddle until I learn how to do this properly. I assume it’s a pretty simple thing I messed up.

Ok so I’ve since blown away my entire install, created a custom php file but I’m not finding a menu for it.
I think I have this guys problem:

"Still can not edit per device menu"
“Adding this line adds an icon on every device.
I would like to add this icon on certain device with certain url.”

Exactly this, some of my devices I would like to change the WebURL to be on a different port.

Some devices I’d like 2 or even 3 different launches to the device.
(Different ports and or different URLS)

Example I have printers, with a web administration menu available here:
Same device, 2 different web administration panels for it. different URL and different port.

So it really varies, per device what I would like to configure for the Web Interface links.

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