Is there any way to specify graph type (stacked or inverted) retrieved via API/curl?

I have looked at the documentation and don’t see anything, but definitely could have missed it. We have some graphs that are scripted and emailed out and its been requested to have different formats depending on the graph contents. Is there a way to specify stacked or inverted with the example URL below? The only thing I found was in my searches and it doesn’t appear there is from that file anyways.,38011&type=multiport_bits_separate&from=1662997930&to=1663084330&height=186&width=772&noagg=0

There should be a variable to change them, but you would have to look at the graph generating files to be sure.

I guess I am not sure which files those are. I know just enough about this stuff to make me dangerous, but not enough to actually know what I am doing! :stuck_out_tongue:

I looked in and don’t really see anything relevant but one line that says “$stacked = generate_stacked_graphs();”, and I also checked and don’t see anything in there either. Thank you for the assistance so far.

I usually start at graph.php and work my way down.

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