ISC DHCP Stats Application

Dear LibreNMS,

I recently installed the ISC DHCP Stats Application and I observed a possible issue:

From WebUI, Apps > DHCP stats > Leases, the “Vendor” item remains empty for current leases.

Looking more closely at the Perl script, I suppose that this item depends on the “vendor-class-identifier” parameter, added to version 0.1710 of the Net-ISC-DHCPd Perl module.

However, when the module is installed with cpanm Net::ISC::DHCPd::Leases, this is the previous version 0.1709 which is installed as it is still the default version.

I think the reason is that the latest version doesn’t pass the tests:

What do you think? Is there any solution?

Thank you for your help.
Best regards,

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