Issue 10514 closed with no real explanation

Trying to help improve device support - provided the data as per the instructions as far as I can see… so what am I supposed to do now? Complete lack of feedback what’s wrong with the SNMP export (after 3 months of inactivity) other than closing the issue. Very poor show.

Hi @ManOfLard
More details were added into the issue.

Librenms is not a company or business. It’s all run by user’s giving back time and code. All the new device support is run by uses wanting to volunteer it. So if nobody has worked on your new device request. It’s because nobody has volunteer the time to add support. Sorry

@Kevin_Krumm I’m all on board with that - however an explanation of why the data I contributed wasn’t useful (so I can contribute once more with useful data) would have been free and more useful to all.

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