Issue Alerts to sysContact not working

There were some old topics about this issue but since none of the solutions worked for me and they hadn’t been replied to in a long time I decided to create a new one.

I need to have email alerts go to the configured sysContact for each device. In the past I have only been able to get email alerting to work by creating an email transport and setting that transport in every alert rule, however now I need alerts to go to different recipients for different devices (and really want to avoid creating a new set of rules for the different recipient group).

I have the “issue alerts to sysContact” toggled on in global settings. I do NOT have a default transport set, and I even deleted the only transport I have and tested to see if that worked, but still no emails were sent to the sysContact. Is there something I need to do to the alert rules to make this work, or maybe I’m missing something in global settings?

alert.ack_until_clear false
alert.admins false
alert_colour.ok #00ff00
alert_colour.bad #ff0000
alert_colour.acknowledged #337ab7
alert_colour.worse #ff0000
alert_colour.better #f0ad4e
alert.default_copy false
alert.default_mail REDACTED
alert.default_only false
alert.disable false
alert.fixed-contacts false
alert.globals false
alert.syscontact true
alert.transports.mail 5
alert.tolerance_window 5
alert.users false
alert_graph_date_format %Y-%m-%d %H:%i
alert_log_purge 365
alerts.bgp.whitelist false
alert_rule.severity ok
alert_rule.max_alerts 1
alert_rule.delay 1
alert_rule.interval 5
alert_rule.mute_alerts false
alert_rule.invert_rule_match false
alert_rule.recovery_alerts true
alert_rule.invert_map false

email_auto_tls false
email_backend smtp
email_from REDACTED
email_html true
email_sendmail_path /usr/sbin/sendmail
email_smtp_auth false
email_smtp_host REDACTED
email_smtp_password NULL
email_smtp_port 25
email_smtp_timeout 10
email_smtp_username NULL
email_user LibreNMS

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