Issue with discovering Fujitsu Eternus AF250S2


I’m have question regarding the discovery of the Fujtitsu Eternus AF250. I have looked through the various topics, but can’t find anything that seems to help.
The validation of librenms and everything seems to be fine, no errors or what so ever. I can add different devices and all seem to be discovered normal, except for the Fujitsu Eternus.

The system is added normally, it reads out the name, the OS and the IP ports, but for some reason does not read out any disk information of CPU/Memory usage.
I have checked the FJDARY file and this seems to be fine (and the same as I can download from the storage system).

I hope someone is able to help.
Many thanks.

It means its not supported and needs some extra love, Intro - LibreNMS Docs

Hi, I’ve read that part, but for some reason I’m either missing something, or it’s simply not detecting the correct files.
For my understanding, as I am a newbie :slight_smile: The process is:

  1. snmp detects the OS via the yaml file in the definitions directory?
  2. after this step the discovery should be done via the yaml file in the definitions/discovery folder?

I created this file in the dsovery folder and made it roughly the same as another file, but simply adjusted the OID in the file, to simply detect the serial of the system.

I have checked this proces via Fujitsu server we have as well, and in the discovery (via de GUI) I can see that it detects the right OS and then picks up the MIB file.
However for the storage it detect the OS (fujitsueternusos) via the general polling mechanism, but after this it keeps saying that it is a generic OS and so it does not seem to pick up the right MIB.
I have tested with the snmpwalk and this works correctly.

Load disco module core

Attempting to initialize OS: eternusos

Attempting to initialize Group OS: fujitsu

OS initialized as Generic

SNMP[’/usr/bin/snmpget’ ‘-M’ ‘/opt/librenms/mibs:/opt/librenms/mibs/fujitsu’ ‘-v2c’ ‘-c’ ‘COMMUNITY’ ‘-OQXUte’ ‘-On’ ‘udp:HOSTNAME:161’ ‘SNMPv2-MIB::sysObjectID.0’ ‘SNMPv2-MIB::sysDescr.0’ ‘SNMPv2-MIB::sysName.0’]

...0 = ...21.1.150
...0 = Production Storage
...0 = DX200

So far LibreNMS is nice product and everything is fine except for this storage system, but unfortunately we have roughly 7 of these systems.



I figured it out, somewhere there probably was a mistake and I now have disk information in LibreNMS.
The question I now have, is that I try to show sizing information of the disks or the pool.
I can see that the pollers gets the size information of the disks, but for some reason it does not show this in the GUI, and I also don’t see any information on the storage tab.

Many thanks

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