Issues install on Centos 7


I seem to be have issues install in the php parts, can you see any reason why?

Add the repo

Run again

Then get this:

Hi @gonzo

What else is this host doing? It seems like it already has php 5 isntalled, the below will show you if this is the case.

$ rpm -qa | grep php-common

If this host is not doing anything else then you should be able to remove php-common, however you should probably work out why it’s their first.

If you are using a VM hosting providor than it may be that their image includes this by default.

Hi, I managed to remove the old PHP and the install was a breeze right until the very last part, can’t see the cause of this issue after spending a while researching:

create config.php

The validate says wats wrong…

Php internal file starts whit <?php yours start whit ###

Seems u didnot do the install correct, the install will make you an config. I think u pasted an other config file wrongly.

Thanks, I think I was looking at the issue too long and missed this: