Issues with PagerDuty Alerts

I’ve dealing with some recent PagerDuty alerts not reaching the PagerDuty portal. I’ve rebuilt all the PagerDuty alerts, and after doing so I’m able to test them within the Web UI without error. However I’m getting the following two errors when I run validate.php.

OK] Composer Version: 2.3.7
[OK] Dependencies up-to-date.
[OK] Database connection successful
[OK] Database Schema is current
[OK] SQL Server meets minimum requirements
[OK] lower_case_table_names is enabled
[OK] MySQL engine is optimal
[OK] Database schema correct
[FAIL] Time between this server and the mysql database is off
Mysql time 2022-06-13 16:15:13
PHP time 2022-06-13 11:15:13
[OK] rrd_dir is writable
[FAIL] The rrdtool version you have specified is newer than what is installed.
Either comment out or delete $config[‘rrdtool_version’] = ‘1.4.8’; from your config.php file
Attempt to fix this issue (y or n)?:y
Attempted to apply fix.
[FAIL] DateTime::__construct(): Failed to parse time string (@) at position 0 (@): Unexpected character

I checked the config.php ( /opt/librenms/config.php ) and don’t see a reference for the rrdtool anywhere within the config file. The timezone configuration for MySQL looks correct.

I figured it all out, thanks for all help.

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