Issues with polling (ipv6) but ping is ok

Hi folks,

I have some issues since a few days.

We are an ISP, and we have a Librenms instance for monitoring our CPE. Back in the week, we got a breakdown with one of our backbone PE. Now, everything is working well, except Librenms, which is doing some false positives.

As you can see, we have 96 devices up and 59 down. BUT, in reality, all of the down are up. We have ping working from a shell as you can see :

The weird thing is that we have routers that we monitor through ipv6 and that are up, and some stays down. We had this server running for almost 6 months and it was working like a charm.

Here is the output of the poller.php and discovery.php (the real ip was renamed as ip) :

Also, here is the validate.php output :

Hope someone could help!

Maybe some firewall, ACL or ddos policy blocking SNMP, because your outputs contain Timeout: No Response from udp6:ip:161. which mean connection was blocked?

It was a routing error from a device. It is ok now, thanks.