JIRA Transport Integration

Hi All,

Is anyone on here using the JIRA transport integration? It seem to open a JIRA ticket for every alert event and a separate JIRA ticket for each recovery event.

To compare - the email Transport integration in a firewall failover sent out 2 emails. One for the failover and one for the recovery.

In contrast the JIRA Transport integration opened up 8 JIRA tickets. 4 for the failover and 4 more for the recovery.

Any ideas on how to modify the transport so that this would work a bit more effectively? Has anyone modified it? Or is anyone using this Transport method and has some ideas? Thanks in advance.

Hi in order to close the ticket that it had created, Librenms should store Jira ticket ID somewhere so it knows which issue to close/resolve, and IMHO this is not feasible. So the best that can be done is to ignore the recovery and not to create a ticket for the recovery.