Juniper Temperature Sensor alert Help

Hello, am trying to create a temperature alert for all juniper switches and routers.
I have added these rules in the alert rules
sensors.sensor_class = “Temperature” AND (sensors.sensor_oid = “.” AND sensors.sensor_current >= 50 AND sensors.sensor_descr LIKE ‘FPC%’)
But it still creates alerts for devices less than 50 degrees. Please help

I was noticing alerts at a different temp for my room sensors that appeared in the logs for them (but not happening through the alert notification I set up) Turns out there is a seperate alerting area… edit the device, then click on the “health” sub menu. Not sure if that is it, but it tripped me up for a bit.

Also - your devices are getting alerts below 50? Brrr!

Thanks. Am checking that out.