Label of voltage and temperature graphs of the superdoctor

I have a home server with an X9DR3-F motherboard, I install a superdoctor so I can monitor voltages, temperatures and fan speeds, but what it brings to me as information from lm_sensors, which is difficult to read.

Through the librenms server by making snmpwalk -On -v2c -c home server . I find the correct information.

And why is there no information about memories, disks, models and SN in the inventory, given that this information is provided by a superdoctor?



I deleted my server and added it again.
I still don’t see data from the sensors or their names.
When I do capture I see the output of the superdoctor but not in librenms

Has anyone had this problem and found a solution?

You don’t say what operating system your server runs ? Hard to answer your question without that… :wink:

If it’s Windows server you can install (via roles and features) the standard SNMP server and configure it (community, etc) in services, this will provide a lot of information including name, location, uptime, network interface traffic, processor usage, memory usage, disk space usage etc… you don’t need any third party software.

The Windows Server SNMP server does not provide voltages, fan speeds or temperatures however. If you want those you need a motherboard that supports IPMI. On most intel server motherboards with a remote management (BMC) interface you can create a reduced permissions BMC login for LibreNMS to use then add the details in the IPMI configuration for the server in LibreNMS.

This will combine all the information retrieved by SNMP and IPMI giving you an extensive set of both software and hardware data for the server. We have IPMI data collection working on several of our servers including temperatures, fan speeds, power supply power levels etc.

If your server is Linux based just install and configure access to the standard SNMPD dameon that comes with the operating system and LibreNMS will automatically recognise pretty much everything it can provide automatically.

You can still use IPMI data from a Linux server if the motherboard supports BMC/IPMI as well as that is independent of the operating system installed.


My mistake is that I did not provide the necessary information.
The server is running OS Proxmox 7 with Debian 11.1.
The motherboard is Supermicro X9DRi-F.
I have configured IPMI in librenms.
SuperDoctor 5 is installed.

When executing the command in a console from the server on which librenms is installed:
snmpwalk -v2c -c community server . - I see the required information.

librenms is installed on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS.

All I had to do was delete and reconfigure LibreNMS.



I did a new installation, but I still don’t see information from my server.

I also updated the .mib files, but that didn’t solve the problem either.

Anyone have any idea what else I can do?


I have same problem.

On my server with Debian 11 a have installed Supermicro SuperDoctor5.

The motherboard is Supermicro X8DTL.

In /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf I have added:

pass . /usr/bin/sudo /opt/Supermicro/SuperDoctor5/libs/native/snmpagent

and in /etc/sudoers I have added:

Debian-snmp ALL = NOPASSWD: /opt/Supermicro/SuperDoctor5/libs/native/snmpagent

When I go on LibreNMS and go to Capture on host that have installed SD5 and RUN “SNMP” I see corectly information for all .

. = STRING: "FAN 1"
. = STRING: "FAN 2"
. = STRING: "FAN 3"
. = STRING: "FAN 4"
. = STRING: "FAN 5"
. = STRING: "FAN 6"
. = STRING: "CPU1 Vcore"
. = STRING: "CPU2 Vcore"
. = STRING: "+5 V"
. = STRING: "+5VSB"

but in librenms interface does not shown nothing in overview, health, graphs, inventory of that information that reported via SNMP. Please inform us how to fix that ?

Librenms output from ./validate.php:

$ ./validate.php 
Component | Version
--------- | -------
LibreNMS  | 21.11.0-66-g528d8e55b
DB Schema | 2021_11_17_105321_device_add_display_field (226)
PHP       | 7.4.25
Python    | 3.9.2
MySQL     | 10.5.12-MariaDB-0+deb11u1
RRDTool   | 1.7.2
SNMP      | 5.9

[OK]    Composer Version: 2.1.14
[OK]    Dependencies up-to-date.
[OK]    Database connection successful
[OK]    Database schema correct

If that is not feature request and was implemented in librenms - Please admin or moderator to move that on Help Category.