Latency vs. Smokeping?

Observium user who has been banging on LibreNMS and entertaining a changeover…I had a heck of a time trying to get smokeping working (which I somehow managed in Observium) but then I noticed the native latency tab / link. Soooo, I’m wondering why would someone install smokeping in addition to LibreNMS providing out of the box latency monitoring?

Smokeping allows you to setup multiple sensors or clients on the network that all report back. Each sensor becomes a line on the graph. Then you’ll know how things look from multiple vantage points in the network.

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thank you! Was waiting to hear the advantage there…I never knew you could do that with smokeping. I had it setup in observium and observium didn’t have a native latency graph. I wasn’t aware that you could setup various probes…that’s pretty cool but for the size of the network here I doubt that would be all too useful…besides I couldn’t manage to get smokeping working with Libre. No big deal, just no love on that front.