Legend Font color

I am using firefox on windows 10 to access my webui. I have a color scheme built in my windows that I use to help make things stick out for me. One of those settings is a black background instead of white. Doing this has made it so I cannot see anything in the legend section because of the font color. I have seen in various posts about where to change the graph color in the config.php file. I was wondering if the same thing is available for the legend font colors. Or to change any instance where the font would be black to another color by changing the hex attribute associated with the black variable for font color.

Thank you for any help!

check here -> http://docs.librenms.org/Support/Configuration/#webui-settings

Thank you Kevin. How do I reload the php to reflect the changes?

try systemctl restart httpd


I got the service to restart and saw no change and so I rebooted the box. Still no change. This is the code I added to config.php

$config[‘site_style’] = “mono”;


try removing it and paste this in its place.

$config[‘site_style’] = “mono”;


I put that in and testing. What is the difference between what you did and what I did.

disregard its the same – - I’m not sure why its not working. can you validate your install
to validate your install run ./validate.php and then pastebin your results


Component Version
LibreNMS 5e32474d26cc30c44bad82fc3e926c0183e8e020
DB Schema 196
PHP 7.0.18-0ubuntu0.16.04.1
MySQL 10.0.29-MariaDB-0ubuntu0.16.04.1
RRDTool 1.5.5

[OK] Database connection successful
[OK] Database schema correct
[FAIL] The poller has not run in the last 5 minutes, check the cron job
[WARN] Some devices have not been polled in the last 5 minutes.

Then a list of the devices.

For some reason after the reboot it broke the cron job. I have copied the file again both root and non root and it is not running when I check the cron status for each user.

It looks like thee job is running

neteng@ubuntupoc:/opt/librenms$ ps aux |grep cron
librenms 1477 0.0 0.0 4508 708 ? Ss 13:55 0:00 /bin/sh -c /opt/librenms/cronic /opt/librenms/poller-wrapper.py 16
librenms 1483 0.0 0.0 12512 2980 ? S 13:55 0:00 bash /opt/librenms/cronic /opt/librenms/poller-wrapper.py 16
librenms 4975 0.0 0.0 4508 716 ? Ss 14:00 0:00 /bin/sh -c /opt/librenms/cronic /opt/librenms/poller-wrapper.py 16
librenms 4980 0.0 0.0 12512 3056 ? S 14:00 0:00 bash /opt/librenms/cronic /opt/librenms/poller-wrapper.py 16
librenms 8223 0.0 0.0 4508 788 ? Ss 14:05 0:00 /bin/sh -c /opt/librenms/cronic /opt/librenms/poller-wrapper.py 16
librenms 8227 0.0 0.0 12512 3068 ? S 14:05 0:00 bash /opt/librenms/cronic /opt/librenms/poller-wrapper.py 16
librenms 13021 0.0 0.0 4508 856 ? Ss 14:10 0:00 /bin/sh -c /opt/librenms/cronic /opt/librenms/poller-wrapper.py 16
librenms 13028 0.0 0.0 12512 3064 ? S 14:10 0:00 bash /opt/librenms/cronic /opt/librenms/poller-wrapper.py 16
librenms 16977 0.0 0.0 4508 748 ? Ss 14:15 0:00 /bin/sh -c /opt/librenms/cronic /opt/librenms/poller-wrapper.py 16
librenms 16980 0.0 0.0 12512 2952 ? S 14:15 0:00 bash /opt/librenms/cronic /opt/librenms/poller-wrapper.py 16
root 19456 0.0 0.0 29008 3120 ? Ss 14:17 0:00 /usr/sbin/cron -f
neteng 22017 0.0 0.0 14224 1016 pts/0 S+ 14:18 0:00 grep --color=auto cron

should be only using the non root.

I would revert absolutely everything you’ve been changing.

You can’t change the font colour as far as I know via config.php, you can only pass ?font=COLOR in the webui manually each time.

Oh, and stop rebooting. You have no need to do that, nor restart the web service. Changes to config.php are immediate.

Laf, thank you for that information!!! I have commented out the config.php string. Hopefully in the future that will be an option.

In case someone comes here to find the answer, using Chrome and the High Contrast plugin works for me. I can’t change the colors, but I can see the Legend now.