LibreNMS and graylog without full admin rights in graylog

Hello there,

I didn’t really know where to post this, but here it goes :slight_smile:

I am using LibreNMS and graylog and it always bugged me that the api user have to be admin in graylog.
So i found out how you fix that

	"name": "LibreNMS-Read",
	"description": "Extended reading permissions for LibreNMS",
	"permissions" : [

Log into http://<graylog-server-ip>/api/api-browser/global/index.html using graylog admin credentials

Browse to: Roles: User roles
Click on: Create a new role

In JSON body paste the code
Press “Try it out”

Log into graylog web ui as admin and add the role to the user

I hope someone finds this useful



Nice findings!
Would you mind adding this to the doc by clicking the pen and adding this config?

Thank you

I have done so now


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