LibreNMS Azure VMs with 1000 devices and 10000 ports

Hi All,

I am going to build a LibreNMS Central Server (WEB + DB) on Azure VM. It will have 3-4 distributed pollers at remote sites which will monitor in total 1000 devices (8000-10000 ports) via VPN.

For the LibreNMS Central Server VM on Azure, can you please give me an advice?

  • how many vCPU?
  • size of RAM?
  • Size of SSD Storage?

Thank you :slight_smile:

As you are going to have remote pollers, they are going to do the hard work.

For the main server (WEB+DB+RRD) I’ll say start with 8cpu 8gb.

About the SSD storage…Its hard to tell. It will depend on how many sensors/ports/etc each device have.

To have something to work with this is my install:

6,8G /opt/librenms/rrd/
11G /var/lib/mysql/

For the database, I have more than 6M rows in syslog. Thats why its so big.