LibreNMS Behind Nginx Proxy Manager

Good-day Folks,

I’m fairly new to LibreNMS and I’ve managed to get a small server running using the official installation documentation. Now, running my instance behind Nginx Proxy Manager (NPM), I’ve noticed two issues that don’t seem to be present when I access the WebUI using the IP address (thus bypassing NPM):

  1. Capture output for Discover, Poller, and SNMP are not visible within the browser, if the WebUI is accessed via the NPM reverse proxy. They do run successfully, though, you just can’t seen the output via the browser. I can replicate in all the browsers I have on my Windows 11 laptop.

  2. The map on the Device Overview page does not show

It’s possible I’m missing something small in my NPM proxy host definition. If anyone has run into something similar, please share how you resolved it. Thanks.

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