Librenms com Weathermap

I installed the water map, but I have a 404 error when displaying the map in HTML

I’m not getting any errors in PHP

on the way

cd /opt/librenms/html/plugins/Weathermap/configs/

I see that it creates the map .conf

but when I click to open html I have no response

There are some issues with weathermap cron at the moment, a PR (Weathermap fix for local rrdcached users and cron fix by fbouynot · Pull Request #85 · librenms-plugins/Weathermap · GitHub) is waiting to correct this, you can try it this way:

cd /opt/librenms/html/plugins/Weathermap/
curl | git apply

Also, you can find LibreNMS logs in /opt/librenms/logs/

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Thank you for your solution. It take effect immediately.

Thanks, fixed for me too.

One of my maps, I had another problem on php8.1 upgrade with

PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught TypeError: count(): Argument #1 ($value) must be of type Countable|array, null given in /opt/librenms/html/plugins/Weathermap/lib/WeatherMapLink.class.php:162

I needed to remove some “VIA” lines in conf file, then it worked.