LibreNMS Custom Interface Description Parsing - several types in the same interface

Hello everyone, I have a question about using the Interface Description Parsing function.

I need to insert words in my CDN interfaces so that Libre can generate me the aggregation of them subdivided by:

  • Total traffic CDN;
  • Total CDN traffic by city;
  • Total CDN traffic per provider (OCA, FNA, GGC).

However, when I add the 3 words in the description of the host interface, Libre only recognizes the first one and ignores the rest, so it only populates the screen where we would have the total CDN, but the screen where we would have the total by city and total by vendor it simply ignores the custom type entered, see the example:

Interface Descriptiom > CDN-T: CDN-MG: OCA: Cluster (PLU002)

  • CDN-T: Total traffic;
  • MG: City;
  • OCA: Provider:

I would like libre to create a screen for each cystom type inserted in the description, could you let me know if this is possible please?

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