LibreNMS data send to Prometheus

I understood that Prometheus support is alpha at best. Therefore, I would much appreciate if you could recommend

  • how to verify if the data stored within rrd are sent to Prometheus and recorded in Prometheus
    – any curl commands?

  • how to debug the root cause if the data are not sent to Prometheus
    – any debugging command on librenms to send the data?

Thanks very much in advance.

LibreNMS support for Prometheus was introduced by 1.39 Release.

LibreNMS + Prometheus env has been successfully set up on a Kubernetes cluster in our lab with

You can open Pushgateway frontend to see all the metrics received from LibreNMS.

Launch the ./poller.php or ./discovery.php with -d flag. If Prometheus storage is enabled, you will see notes and records about sending the data.

Thanks very much @angryp!