Librenms dead due to hardware failure - how to recover database without librenms.sql file

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Hi Everyone,

My librenms crashed due to hardware failure and I have mounted the librenms hardware to another machine, so I have all the files like- etc, /opt/librenms, rrds. But I don’t have database dump file. Is there a way to recover database now ?

Please help !


You should be able to copy over the database files. I found this with a google search. Note, I have not tried this.


I have tried this method but mariadb service is failing to start after performing these operation. Not sure what did I do wrong here.
Note- I have mariadb 5.5.68 server installed on CentOS 7.

Please HELP !!!


You might try googling for how to restore mariadb from files and centos 7. I have never done that personally.