Librenms device port up down alerts with KANNEL http api base sms gateway

We are using Librenms on Ubuntu server. All sections working fine. We also have KANNEL sms gateway which supports sending sms via HTTP API, & would like to use Librenms to send alert if particular devices & particular switch ports goes down. I tried searching DOCS but couldn’t found any working example. is kannel supported by LibreNMS?

Kannel SMS sending example via HTTP

curl “http://localhost:13013/cgi-bin/sendsms?username=kannel&password=KANNELPASS&to=03333021909&text=Welcome+zaib+Test+Message

Seems that using the API transport would exactly does that indeed. The doc shows exactly this kind of example :

Capture d’écran 2020-03-04 à 10.59.51

Each option (username, password, to, text) must be manually defined using either static text or the variables that are available. You don’t need the API Username and API password as far as I see it, cause this is directly transmitted in the URL (so as an API option)

Ok I will try it. But what if I want to further customize like device-1 port x down alert should be goto admin-1 mobile, and device-2 port-x down alert should be goto admin-2 mobile
& we are talking about hundreds of ports alerts to various mobile numbers to alert that area manager along with admin too

Transport is the “target”. You create one Transport for each mobile number. Then you can create groups of transports if necessary. And in the end, you create your alert rules for ports/devices and assign the correct transport to them.

Ok I will test it & will update this port.

Hi @Syed_JZ,

Did you manage to it? as am trying to do the same thing but always failing for some reason :frowning:

error: general error which doesn’t help :frowning:



managed to make it work for 1 number only if I add multiple numbers it doesn’t work.


Doesn’t work: