Librenms escalation with Alert rules?

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I want to know is there any way to use Librenms escalation with Alert rules ? like Nagios escalation ?

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No not natively

Hello @Kevin_Krumm

Even if I have Nagios Plugin installed on Librenms ?

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No idea… try it?

Define escalation in this case?


I mean for example someone will receive a notification once there is something wrong happened let’s say first line support but if he didn’t act let’s say the third or fourth notification another person will receive the notification automatically.

is it clear ?

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We use GoAlert for a similar use case. There is already a transport for it, integration is simple.

Thanks @sGoico is there any documentation for integration ?

Not that I know of, but after setting up GoAlert with the official docs you can just call it using the API transport like this:

Then GoAlert will handle rotations, escalations, and notifications for those who should be notified.

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