Librenms feature

I have question here… Can it monitor a pc or workstation i mean like prtg feature…

We don’t know what PRTG feature is.

But you can monitor workstations, but hey basically show up like a server.

Thank you for fast respond… actually im new to librenms… can you tell me how to monitor a pc or workstation… does it need Ip or hostname…

Yes, and it needs to have snmp, so you need to enable that on your OS.


why the workstation status is down

because snmp is unreachable, that is what the status box says.

But i try ping from ubuntu to that workstation it seem like connection 0% loss

yes, if you could not ping it the status reason would be ping not snmp.

You need to configure snmpd.conf on it like you did on the LibreNMS server.

that means I need to configure snmpd.conf… can you tell me what should i configure in snmpf.conf… Please help me…

check here ->

Thank you very much… Im very satisfied with the feedback given…
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Can i know… what code i must change or add in /etc/snmpd.conf to read and monitor this ip

That file is correct.

You need to configure snmp on each device.