LibreNMS & Graylog devices do not match


I am currently testing Graylog. I have a test switch (Alcatel Lucent), the logs go back correctly, it works well.

I integrated Graylog on LibreNMS.

My devices (switches) are integrated into LibreNMS with their IP and not their host name, we do not have DNS entries for our switches.

Graylog cannot match the device name with the IP in LibreNMS. It should use the device’s “system name” field instead of its IP address.

To test I created a DNS entry for my test switch, I integrated it into LibreNMS and Graylog started working.

What to do ?

I can’t imagine creating all the DNS entries and importing all the equipment back into LibreNMS.

Thank you

What we did was in Graylog,
create a new pipeline
set the connections to all messages
create stage 0
Add a rule to stage 0 with the following details

rule "Set Source IP"
    set_field("source", to_string($message.gl2_remote_ip));
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Oh that good !

Thank you

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