LibreNMS in multihomed environment?

Is it possible to run librenms on one server that is multihomed where functions are separeted as following:

  • Web server, API, Alert transports are on subnet X
  • Polling, DB and functions like oxidized, greylog are on subnet Y, Z etc depending on how many networks you monitor.

Will an operator be able to add devices via subnet X?
Will librenms be able process alert from subnet Y, Z and send it via subnet X?

Potentially I think you could do this, although realistically it seems more of a server configuration issue than a librenms configuration issue. If it was me and I needed to ‘reach’ into multiple administrative domains etc I would put something in front of the librenms like a router or a firewall and do all the appropriate network mangling on that. Multi-homed hosts are a pain-in-the-a##

Thanks for the input.
I’m doing this already with a firewall. My idea is to lessen dependancy on firewall and let nms and network live outside that environment. Of course you as operator have access through firewall towards GUI and API.

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