Librenms + influxdb + grafana show different result with librenms graph


here is on grafana and its query

and its from librenms graph

Please help, i wanna get accurate data from libre to grafana,

librenms version : 52fabcb
os : ubuntu 14.0.4


I asked this problem and I have not had any answers


Yea, maybe its repost :smiley: just wait the moderator and admin reply

Your Grafana queries are incorrect, but I don’t know much about Grafana.

@ridhoyp In the rrd graph you have a 5 minute window selected so you won’t see any comparison to the grafana one.


This can ? as compared graph?

Can’t see your time interval there. However I’m not really sure we can say anything to help out, we send the same data to rrd and influx, the calculations for using that data when graphing isn’t something we can influence. I also don’t really see that much different between the graphs, if you smoothed out the grafana one it would probably look similar.

Check if you send the correct data to the grafana. Probably some of the data is not interpreted correctly, go with grafana in debug mode.



It looked really similliar, i just need to clarified the query, to make sure it has same data with librenms, because when i see on the summary, the libre has a little small statistic data then the grafana, i change the non_negative_derivative to 8s it really near same,

so i thougt now it must be the query,

Well the queries are the most problematic in system graph interchange, you can look more information in that debug mode.

Have fun at reading :slight_smile: Hope you can see where the data interpretation goes a little changed.

I do not understand what you want to have

is it this what do you want to have ???


what i mean is the average , and max, its different, but the pic you share is nice, can i have the queries?


are you know your picture of librenms it’s with Bits and in your grafana you displaying with octect
if you want to have the same you must do this
go to

vi /opt/librenms/includes/polling/
and add this line
$fields[‘ifInBits’] = $port[‘stats’][‘ifInBits_rate’];
$fields[‘ifOutBits’]= $port[‘stats’][‘ifOutBits_rate’];

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Thankyou so much, it should be correct right now :slight_smile:


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@yac_w That is a very bad way to do it, it will also break updates.

Here is what I came up with:

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