LibreNMS Install Script for Ubuntu 20.04

Hello guys,
I created an automated LibreNMS Server install script which works with Ubuntu 20.04 and Nginx:

Previously I was wondering why installing LibreNMS has to be such a “copy & paste” task, where you even have to create and adjust config files manually without any automation unless you go for the Docker option.

Feel free to check it out, I hope it will help some of you to make new LibreNMS installations easier!

Big shout-out to straytripod/LibreNMS-Install who already made this for Ubuntu 18.04 which gave me a nice head start, although several things have changed

If you notice any issues or you want to suggest any improvements, please let me know! If there is need for it, I might also implement other installation variants like utilization of Dispatcher Services.

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Thanks for the shout out. I have update the script for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.